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Kris Allen's Debut Single - Live Like We're Dying

Kris Allen's debut single "Live Like We're Dying" aired on the radio for the first time today.  It is amazing and catchy as hell and if you haven't heard it already, check out the embedded vid below...go directly to the vid, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

(credit to you tube user takslurks)

If this is not stuck in your head from the very first time you hear it, I'll be surprised. 

The single should be available to purchase on iTunes on Friday or next Tuesday, depending on which report you listen to, but Kris' album drops on November 17,  Everyone should buy it.  Seriously.  I'm not even kidding.

Huge congrats Kris, you've got a hit record on your hands, I'm certain of it.   

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Thank you USPS!

At last, my copy of the complete first series of Cutting It has arrived.  It has been so hard, not watching series 2 that arrived last week, knowing there was new Ben Daniels goodness sitting on the shelf, just begging to be watched.  Of course, this likely means sod all will get done around the house because I'll be glued to the TV every waking moment...


Silent Witness - Yes... another Ben Daniels Picspam

Finally got around to watching Ben Daniels' episode of Silent Witness this afternoon.  I was unprepared for the pony tail and porn-stache but that was probably a good thing.  Again, sorry the quality of the caps isn't the best, but I did what I could... fuzzy shirtless Ben Daniels is better than nothing, right?

Here's a few teasers:

The rest can be seen at my gallery here.

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Another Ben Daniels Picspam

My catch up with all things Ben Daniels continued tonight, and I never realised he'd co-starred with Leslie Grantham, "Dirty Den" himself.

Hope you enjoy these pics of a baby-faced Ben from the second episode of "The Paradise Club" in which he plays DC Webster, a cheeky, gum chewing London copper with a wicked smile...

Sound familiar to any Law & Order: UK fans? :P

Apologies for the not so great quality, but such was the recording.  I was just so chuffed to find 25 year old Ben Daniels that I didn't care!

Collapse )
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Lark Rise to Candleford - Ben Daniels Picspam

In this episode, Dorcas is thrown by the surprise arrival of a new Post Office inspector, Mr Rushton, (Ben Daniels) who starts to unearth anomalies in the way Dorcas runs the Post Office. Robert has been carving a decorative angel on the schoolhouse for which he is not getting paid.

Of course, I had to screen cap the wonderful Ben Daniels as Rushton.

Here are a few teasers:

the rest can be found at my gallery for the episode.
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It's been a while...

Well I had good intentions of posting more regularly but somehow it didn't happen the way I planned.  Life has been crazy.  Going to Dragon*Con turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.  Getting to hang out with so many "bunnies" not to mention seeing Jamie again and actually getting the opportunity to interview him for my website was amazing.  Since then, I seem to have been on a plane somewhere almost every weekend.  Will try to do better from now on.

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